What is your refund policy?

Just like a concert or event, there are no refunds on your adventure purchase. However, we completely understand that life happens, people get sick, and cancelling your adventure may be unavoidable. If this happens to be the case, we will gladly apply your purchase toward a future adventure that you can attend. 


Are there gluten free options?

Yes, most definitely. We will absolutely consider all dietary restrictions (gluten free, allergy safe, vegetarian, vegan, etc) and make sure that your meal will be safe and comfortable for you to eat. 


Are there options for the disabled?

If our adventure requires a certain level of physical ability, we will be sure to note those details on the purchase page. Most of our adventures should be enjoyable for those with limited mobility.


Any other questions?

If you have any specific questions that may have been missed in our website explainers, please feel free to contact our Adventure Director, Kristin Mastre at Kristin@thescoopblogs.com.