What is this?!

I'm a local Fort Collins writer who has been providing lifestyle information to our community for over 8 years. I write about the things that make living in Fort Collins unique and fun! In those 8 years my expertise has grown and my network has become the "digital concierge service" in the city, answering reader's questions about restaurants, the outdoors, history, family activities, arts and culture, farmers markets and agriculture, bike-friendly transportation, and cannabis. 

With those concierge skillsets, I've developed mystery adventures to help YOU experience the things I write about first-hand in a new and innovative way. 

How Do You Do That? 

I take my knowledge and expertise about our community and partner with local businesses to brainstorm on ways we can elevate their products and services and incorporate them into bucket list adventures.

We create experiences with them that you can't do on your own (or won't take the time to do on your own), showing you Fort Collins with new eyes, and giving you a true exclusive VIP adventure in Northern Colorado. VIP adventures provide you with inclusive perks and an Experience Fort Collins tour guide. For those who can't afford our VIP adventures, we provide DIY adventure itineraries for you to do on your own!

Then What?

After we create something awesome and unique, we'll have it up on the site for you to purchase. The kicker? 

You'll have no idea exactly what your adventure entails.

You'll have a choice of two adventures to purchase, just like a Choose Your Own Adventure system, each one coinciding with one of the Experience Fort Collins network niche topics. You'll know if it's food, outdoors, arts, history, biking, family, farming, or cannabis related at the time of purchase, and you'll know what date and time it is so you can commit, but we're going to leave a lot to mystery. 

After your purchase, you'll receive the adventure details via email telling you where to show up and how to be prepared. There will be surprises, you'll experience fun outings, learn new things, meet like-minded people, get out of a rut and out of your comfort zone. 

I Don't Like Mysteries and Surprises.  

Then this experience is not for you. Feel free to continue reading our community information on my Experience Fort Collins sites and experience Fort Collins in your own way.

I Can't Afford This.

You have the option to purchase the itinerary of the month to go on a DIY adventure on your own time instead of with the VIP tour group. I provide you with the itinerary with discounts at participating adventure locations so you can put it together yourself. All you have to do is go out there and do it! 

You can take as many people out on a DIY adventure as you'd like, however recommended group size is 1o people or less. Perks from participating businesses may be available only to the itinerary purchaser. Example: buy one get one free beer is only good for the itinerary purchaser in the group, not all 10 adventurers.

Perks from participating businesses are only valid during the adventure month for that particular itinerary (i.e. buy one get one free beer is only good for the month of July, not August). 

How Is This a 'Choose Your Own Adventure'?

You'll always have an adventure choice - VIP or DIY. As we grow, you'll have a choice of two adventure types for the month (outdoors vs food, art vs cannabis, etc).

The DIY adventure groups will be provided with the month's itinerary that also include a scavenger hunt guide.

In both the VIP and DIY adventures, participants have the option to photograph and share their adventure experience on social media. Those who choose to share and utilize our #ExperienceFortCollins and #CYOFC hashtags will be entered to win a free VIP experience in the future.